$75 per Billable Hour

All rates for all services are broken down to the  billable hour with a minimum of one hour to start.


WordPress Management Services

Have a WordPress site, but not enough time to manage it effectively? Let us take care of it for you!

From updating themes, plug-ins, and WordPress itself, to taking care of light content edits and SEO management.

We can make your site work for you the way it should.


Website Development, Logos, Branding

Content Management Systems make up a huge portion of websites viewed in today’s market.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Zen Cart, Magento, Dot Net Nuke, and others make up this vast web industry.

We also offer high end design services with Logo Creation and Branding as well.


Quick Fixes

Have you gotten the “White Screen Of Death”?

Has your site started throwing errors when you go to it?

Maybe we can help! We troubleshoot broken sites on a regular basis.


Web Security


Web Security is a major component of modern industry. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are now putting up warnings to the public on sites that do not have SSLs. Back end security is just as important. Without it, your site can get flagged for spam, be put on blacklists, can start getting pop up ads not affiliated with yours, or even redirected to another site altogether.

Let us help you become secure, it will save you headaches, and let your customers know that you care about their safety as well.


Organic SEO Practices

Organic SEO practices are little things that can be done to the web site itself to entice search engines into higher rankings. These methods are favored by a lot of people who are unable to pay for a firm to handle AdWords, marketing, and social media for them. Instead, with my help, we’ll make your site do the SEO for us by inserting key phrases, putting code links into all pages, putting eTags on the back of images, and much more. Contact us today to find out how affordable this can be versus the alternative.



Are you Ready?

Are you ready to find out just what we can do for you to make your life easier? Your just one click away from a quote to find out.

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