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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at KWHicksDevelopment we like to get questions! The more questions you can ask, the better informed we both become, and the happier you are with the services provided you!

Having said that, here's a list of some of the more common questions.

Do Consultations cost money?

Absolutely not. I'm very amicable in asking and answering questions as it makes it much easier for me to do my job, and for you to understand what it is that I'm doing. The internet holds a sense of magic and mysticism to it, so I try to pull the curtain back as much as possible so that you know what's going on.

How much do websites cost?

Well, that's honestly a broad question. I base my prices off of man hours as opposed to services for this reason. A five page website that is informational can take a lot quicker time to complete compared to a five page site that uses three relational databases and user name/password access to operate. My rate is $75 per hour with a minimum of one hour and I base my quotes off of that.

How do we handle payments?

I run all invoices through PayPal and email them directly. You can pay via the email, or through the payment portal on my Contact Us page.

Do You Have a refund policy?

One of the reasons I have such a thorough consultation process is to avoid such things from happening. But, if for some reason their is no coming to common ground over a product or service, I will fully refund you within 15 days of being billed.

How can i get a hold of you?

My offices are at 1939 Grande Ane. SE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403. My phone is (319)499-5888, and my email is ken@kwhicksdevelopment.com