About Us

About Us

Our Approach

Here at KWHicksDevelopment, we value our customers. From big business to kickstarters, from the tech savvy to the beginner. We start with an in depth consultation where we really get to know you. That way we're able to custom suit any needs or services to your specific goals.

Our Story

Our owner, Kenneth Hicks, has known what he has wanted to do ever since he got to touch his first Radio Shack TRS-80, and that's create places on the internet. He's worked tirelessly at building new, maintaining current, and reviving old sites since 2010 and now has the capability of doing it for a living.

Our Founder: Kenneth Hicks


Kenneth Hicks got into building web sites while in college at Kirkwood Community College where he majored in Web Applications Development and Minored in Business. He also interned at Kirkwood buiding relational Sharepoint sites out of static html pages, and at a local Cedar Rapids company turning Dreamweaver sites into PHP sites.

After graduation, He got his first freelance job building a web site for a local Lawn & Landscape business and a small engine and repair/retail business. They liked his work so much, they kept him on as the accounts manager, handling the day to day of the office, as well as everything computer related.

The business and bookkeeping experience was valuable, but Ken wanted to get back into his passion which was web site. He got a job working for GoDaddy in the hosting department where his talents did well. He learned the ins and outs of everything web related outside of the web applications themselves.

Now he's out in the world, running his own business. Ken handles all the work at the moment since multitasking and wearing several hats comes naturally to him.

If you need anything in particular, or even just need to ask questions of someone more tech savvy, please reach out to him here.

Next Steps...

To ask for a quote or a consultation, you can use our Contact Us page or reach out at (319)499-5888 8am - 10pm Monday through Friday.