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WordPress Management Services

Do you have a current site that is outdated, or difficult to manage? Do you spend the majority of your time handling all of the other aspects of your business?Let our experts manage your site for.

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Site Development, Logos, Branding

Having a web presence is key to many business in the modern world. Being able to both bring in new customers as well as keep your current ones informed is key. We both develop and design sites to keep your branding prominent and inviting.

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Quick Fixes

Has you site been hacked? When you go to it, does it display a 404 or 503 error? Is something just not working the way it's supposed to? There are several one time services we can help with.

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Development Is The Key


Having a website and more importantly, a web presence is key in today's business world. Yet finding the time to set up, develop, and maintain a site is extremely time consuming. Many business owners find themselves either having a subpar site, a site that goes down periodically, or hiring a developer who will stick around to set it up, then disappear on you. That's where we come in.

At KWHicks Development, we specialize not only in site development, but also in the monthly maintenance, and fixing of down sites.
Would you settle for a piece of equipment that's key to your business only working part time, and then only at half capacity? Well you shouldn't settle for that in your website either.

So take a look at our services, and see how KWHicks Development can help your web presence work for you, not you for it.

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A consummate professional with enough creativity and sense of humor to balance it all out. ~ Joshua Scott Hotchkin

Great work. Great friendly service. I really enjoyed working with Ken. Thank you! ~ Jon Longren

Will help you meet your needs both economically, and in a timely manner. ~ Sarah Kringlen

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